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    AT series pneumatic actuators in a combination of domestic and foreign new technology,new material,new technology and innovative ideas on the basis of research and development,design and become,has the  following features:

     Comply with the latest international standard:width ISO5211 DIN3337 and VDI/VDE3845,NAMUR standard.
     High strength extruded aluminum cylinder,the inner surface by fine grinding and hard anodic oxidation treatment,long service life,low friction coefficient,action quickly.
     Modern modelling,the structure is compact,more specifications to choose from,more economical and practical.
     Novel and unique design.The unique external stroke adjusting mechanism, convenient for plus or minus ±5 degree fully open or close two-way adujustment position.
     External structure of actuator,double-acting and single acting has a good interchangeability.(single-acting optional often closed or open)
     NAMUR standard multi-function position indicator,visual instructions,convenient installation and output all the accessories.
     Spring precompression load,safe and convenient installation and disassembly.
     Piston and end cover adopt the die casting aluminum alloy, high strength, light weight,beautiful appearance.
     Sealing materials,optional,the actuator can be applied to high or low temperatures.
     According to the need to provide a variety of angular travel(for example:120℃,135℃,180℃,etc.)and three type pneumatic actuators.
     Standard gas nipple holes,do not need connection board,solenoid valves can be installed directly,convenient and efficient.

     Operating Conditions

     Actuator Structure

     Parts And Materials

     Actuator is Chosen

     Double-acting actuators-Working principle

     Sinle-acting Actuator - Working Principle

     Size Table & Mounting Holes & Weighing Scale & Gas consumption & Switch time

     Output Hole Connection Dimension(custom)(mm)

     120/180 Degree  Schedule the appearance of actuator and connection size(double)

     Control system wiring diagram

    Common Failure Inspection And Elimination Method 

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  • AT Pneumatic Actuators

    AT Pneumatic Actuators

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    AT Series Pneumatic Valves

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