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    Rotary Angle:0 degree to 90 degree
    Output torque:
    Dual role of 1500-100000-nm inlb(15000-15000) 
    Spring return in 600-200000 - nm inlb(5500-5500)
    Pressure of work:
    Pneumatic3-10 bar(40-145 PSIG) ;
    Hydraulic 100 bar(maximum)(100 PSIG)
    Working temperature:Standard ST-20℃ to +80℃(NBR)
    High temperature HT-15℃ TO +150℃(fluorine rubber)
    LT.40℃ TO+80℃,low temperature(silicone rubber)
    Modular design:
    G series perform appliance for the pneumatic power, hydraulic power, spring power, manual control function module,etc.All function modules to each other combination and mutual change,the user can according to the process control of the process of the valve choose various modules function needed.Modules can also buy alone,to reduce the spare parts inventory.
    G series per-installed spring modules,using the latest manufacturing technology,will spring pre-loaded with spring modules, eliminates accidental release stretch,lifted a potential danger to prevent mistake operation,convenient disassembly unloading and installation.
    G series actuators integrated optimization of the center of gravity position, product appearance appear it is more reasonable and lighter. Comparing to other same quality to torque of the actuator much lighter,and need less space for installation.
    Waterproof protection:
    Comply with IP66 and IP67 protection standards,all the components of joint distribution O-rings,can effectively prevent water from entering the internal excess distribution,subjected to short time or long-term immersion,the user need to undertake choosing according to the occasion.
    Wear and lubrication:
    Sliding friction parts of the piston rod and the piston have self-lubricating bearings,the surface of the piston rod after fine grinding and polishing,hard chromium electroplating cylinder taboo in the coating teflon coating or polishing hard chromium plating process,excellent lubricity can,try to make the output energy directly to the valve,reduce the friction force,effectively strengthen the use efficiency of spring.
    Corrosion resistance:
    Internal protection and external coating G series actuators.Reliability is applied to all kinds of environment,comply with the relevant national standards.
    All the G series of models at the top of the drive shaft interface size all phase with namur standard, ease of installation position switch, locator fold the standard installation methods.
    The valve installation:
    G series actuators and valves installed,flange and shaft key links, size with ISO5211 standard specified torque range.

     Unique and outstanding design

     Modular multi-function

     Material Map

     Control the attachment installation diagram

     Basic figure BG series pneumatic actuators

     Double acting & Single acting

     Double-acting/Single-acting output torque(Nm)

     BTS-G(0-8)-(180-720)DA / BTS-G(1-8)-(250-720)DA MH overalldimensions

     BTS-G(0-8)-(180-720)SR / BTS-G(0-8)-(180-720)SR MH overalldimensions

     BTS-G(0-8)-(180-720)DA Connection size

    BTS-G(0-8)-(180-720)SR Connection size

  • G series double acting pneumatic actuator

    G series double acting pneumatic actuator

  • G series single acting pneumatic actuator

    G series single acting pneumatic actuator

  • G series hydraulic manual single-acting pneumatic actuator

    G series hydraulic manual single-acting pneumatic actuator

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